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After all, this is the last main title of the series as confirmed by Bandai Namco. I won’t play spoilers for those who doesn’t want me to spill the ending, so I’ll just comment on the game itself. First off, I got the pre-order bonuses in the email Amazon has sent me. So if you pre-ordered yours, you should check your email before you complain. There are 2 offers on this pre-order: The second offer, in which I never knew about until I got the email, is 2 free month subscription to Shonen Jump. I considered this a bonus. The game does take about 40 minutes to install, plus you have to download and install the software update needed to play online mode.

Shadow Singer: Sasuke

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My SquareEnix Headcannon is that all of Tetsuya Nomura’s pointy-haired lead characters are actually the same guy in various degrees of wind-tunnel-sweptuptitude, who lords over all of the other denizens of the Squarenix games like a Mafia don deciding who gets to come out and for how long.

He is rescued by The Raikage and Killer Bee and decides to go with them. My first fan fic so any criticism is welcome. Read the final chapter for more details. Ino made sure the table was behind Naruto so that he hopefully would not notice Hinata staring at him. I’ve seen a few more walking around the village today. Are they all here for the chunin exams? Why else would there be so many ninja from so many different villages in one place?

Insane Troll Logic

Arawaza Chun Uncensored In this game you’ll receive your opportunity on confronting Chun Li one-on-one. Nevertheless, it isn’t likely to be a road fight Aftre you will receive access to distinct activity points that will launch different deeds.

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Dragonbound by Wolfspiration Prince Naruto of Konoha Kingdom suddenly finds himself plucked away one day by the claws of one of the most feared dragons in the land. Taken hostage by the beast, does Naruto attempt to slay it, or perhaps try to understand the reasoning behind his abductance? That’s the sound of forgiveness. They were drawn to each other. Almost as if it was something that couldn’t be helped. Just meant to be.

The New Naruto. Chapter 5 – Zabuza Returns. It was a bright, sunny morning in wave country. There was barely a cloud in the sky and today looked like a good day to .

Sasuke gets dared Sasuke gets dared Sasuke has his group of friends sakura has her. Then sasuke gets dared to ask her out then dumb her in a week. See if he really likes her? Read to find out That night. Ok” says ino not very excited to go to a new school. My parents wouldn’t care they would let me do anything! Yeah right” says temari.

My Little Heart (Naruto and Sasuke Love triangle)

Report Story Ebony’s pov “Aren’t you about to become a ninja? They have dumpsters in the back, so after climbing over those, it was easy for Neji to help me over. I’m surprised he was able to life my fat ass so easily. I thought he’d at least stumble, but he was easily holding me up as I struggled to reach the top of the wall.

Insane Troll Logic is the kind of logic that just can’t be argued with because it’s so demented, so lost in its own insanity, that any attempts to make it rational would make it more is logic failure that crosses over into parody or Poe’s Law.A character thinks in such a blatantly illogical manner that it has to be deliberate on the part of the writer.

Naruto actually widened his eyes at that. Naruto turned in the direction of the new voice and after seeing who it was, had to suppress a sigh. Sakura had been showing signs of improvement before he left on his journey but it seemed to him that being only around Sasuke for so long caused her to revert. Her hair was once again waist length and he could clearly see blush and eyeliner on her. She is a fan-girl again.

Konohamaru glanced at Naruto and mistook his exasperation for attraction. Sakura growled and looked dangerously at Naruto, while he just sighed in exasperation again. There were three coal miners who grew bored with mining coal for money and decided to mine for gold instead. The first miner dug for three weeks and found nothing and because of the lack of progress left and tried to find something else to mine to earn money. The second miner did nothing for the first three weeks but after the first left, continued to dig in the place where the first left off.

After digging for one week the miner found a small vein of gold and quickly mined it dry but after a few days of not finding any new gold quit and went back to coal mining. The last miner however mined for six weeks straight and found nothing, even after the second miner went back to coal mining.

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Wha— of course you’d find Tsundere characters in anime, baka! It’s from where the language itself came from! Do you even think?! Also, his relationship with Bonten strangely resembles that of a tsundere and Jerk with a Heart of Gold.

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At that point in the story, most readers were firmly in the anti-sasuke camp, which is only reasonable as this was him at his most asinine. He got hit with the twist that his brother died FOR Konoha, and his response is to enact a fucking genocide against his former home because they didn’t honor the memory of his brother that, like he until 5 minutes ago, didn’t even know about.

This nonsensical reaction is further complicated by the fact that the other Kage’s are actually pretty cool and not really doing anything wrong since Raikage just wants his little brother to be safe. And here comes Sasuke, trying to kill him. The reason that everyone Naruto knows has come to the conclusion that Sasuke must die is because anyone with any objectivity sees that Sasuke is now nothing more than a frothing mad dog whose motives don’t even make sense anymore.

And besides that, Naruto’s “I love everyone no matter what they do” shit has never gotten older or faster than that moment. However, as of the time skip, Naruto is fighting for the relationship of someone who he hasn’t really interacted with for 3 years, is openly hostile toward him, and doesn’t even show him the respect he did before compare his end of part 1 acknowledgement of Naruto to his first meeting in part 2 where he retcons his sparing naruto as nothing more than a whim.

What If Naruto Married Sakura?