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It is a piece of history and many times leaves us to ponder the lifetime of its previous owners. It is these extraordinary characteristics that have attracted many of us to vintage and antique jewelry, along with exceptional quality that endures the test of time. It is the best of these glorious treasures that we have diligently hand-selected to satisfy almost any jewelry desire. As you embark on your jewelry journey, please remember to let us know if you do not find exactly what you are seeking. Because our vintage and antique jewelry inventory frequently changes, that very item may not be featured yet. Besides, we would love to hear from you. Cut steel flourished towards the end of the 18th century into the early 19th century. The sparkle, shine and glimmer of the highly polished faceted steel are what made these jewels so popular.

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Marcel Boucher died in and was succeeded by his wife Sandra running the company until it was purchased by watch manufacturer Dovorn Industries in Chapin and Frederick R. Hollister in Providence, RI. Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry: Hattie Carnegie was born in Vienna, Austria in and when 18 years old she emigrated to America with her family. Soon thereafter in the early s, she opened her first dress and hat shops in New York City.

 · Today, Richard Krementz (as President) has renamed the firm Richard Krementz Gemstones LLC specializes in fine 18K and Platinum jewelry with exotic colored gemstones including tanzanite, alexandrite, and tourmaline with rings retailing at $5, to $10, and some of his finer pieces going for over $,

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What you need to know about jewelry hallmarks

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 · Diana – Featuring heavier gold plating than the standard Krementz jewelry Snap-Bar was used in the s on a line of cufflinks Characteristics ~ Used 10k or 14k gold plating called Krementz plate ~ Early designs done in 14k gold: Caption. Caption. Caption. Patents. Designers: None known at

If jewelry has hallmarks and they appear authentic, identifying its value is a whole lot easier. But many countries — including the U. How does a budding collector begin to unravel this puzzle? Europe, 19th to 21st Centuries , due out in its second printing this month. Yes, especially in the U. Even in the U. As a result, there is nowhere to research the identity of a signature or mark.

You will only find hallmarks on jewelry made in countries that have laws that require independent testing of metal fineness and that document their makers marks with an official stamp — a government stamp or an independent lab stamp — indicating the results of such testing. In most European countries, a secondary system is set up where the assay office tests the pieces and puts their stamps on it to indicate that it was verified by an independent body.

Most people buying an expensive diamond today want a certificate issued by an independent organization like the GIA. Just like these certified diamonds that are laser-inscribed on the girdle of the diamond with the cert number, a hallmarked item is marked with the results of the testing. In any case, whoever is marked on the piece takes the responsibility for it. Really, a hallmark is about the most important means of consumer protection within the precious metals.

What you need to know about jewelry hallmarks

I love a good mystery so I will keep trying to find out what I can and post it here. It is thought that this costume jewelry was made during the s and the s. The pin below is an good example of some of the pieces I have seen. Christmas tree pins, gold tone metal, and wire work.

 · Krementz produced fine jewelry and jewelry that looked “real”. The two families parted ways in During the 50s the company sold a large amount of costume Bios

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Is My Shell Cameo Antique? Today I will discuss a few simple ways to judge if your shell Cameo is real or, a close second. Please forgive the letter spacing as the blog has gone a little wonky on me.

 · Founded by George Krementz, Krementz & Co. was the largest and longest surviving of Newark’s jewelry manufacturers, operating from to It created a range of jewelry styles–brooches, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks and more–in karat gold, selling to a number of upscale retailers across the country, including Tiffany & ://

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She is the author of two books: Roy Albers Roy Albers is a jewelry professional with extensive experience in diamonds, gemstones, merchandising and fine jewelry manufacturing. Roy has traveled the world in search of the finest gemstones for Krementz Gemstones.

List of Vintage Jewelry Designers

Lisa 6 Comments Newark Museum Jewelry Gallery One of only four museums in the United States with a gallery space dedicated to its permanent jewelry collections, the Newark Museum is a little-known gem that deserves better recognition by jewelry lovers. The rise of the jewelry industry in Newark and the United States coincided with several major events all occurring in the decades around Jewelry lovers will recognize many of the following jewelry manufacturers, but may not have realized that they were based in Newark: Egyptian Revival Purse, ca.

Hedges Bracelet in the Form of Fabric Squares, ca. Their extensive collection includes masterpieces produced elsewhere including some that are part of their extensive Asian art collection:

Men’s Cufflinks Cufflinks are small pieces of jewelry designed to fasten shirtsleeves. These formal alternatives to buttons are commonly used with shirts that have French cuffs, which do not come with standard  › eBay › Jewelry & Watches › Men’s Jewelry.

Every Piece of Vintage Jewelry has a story. Among the most collectible vintage Coro pieces today are the Coro Duettes from to the s. The Duettes utilized a frame based on one designed by Cartier in Like the Cartier frame, the Coro version had two openings in it, one for each pin. Pins could be attached to the frame to be worn as a set, or detached from the frame to be worn individually. Though their popularity ebbed in the s, today a vintage Coro Duette, particularly one that trembles like the Quivering Camellia, is highly prized by contemporary collectors.

Corocraft was the next step up in quality, price, and prestige from Coro. Vendome, which was introduced in and replaced Corocraft in , was the top of the Coro line. But instead of treating the material as just a clear or translucent replacement for a glass bead, Vendome designers shaved and formed Lucite into organics shapes in unexpected colors.

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