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Samuel Murrell Overview Located on the northeastern coast of Venezuela, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago comprises the two most southerly islands in the West Indies. Tobago, which lies 20 miles northeast of Trinidad, measures only square miles. Trinidad, which has a land mass of 1, square miles, is about the size of Delaware. The Republic’s capital, Port of Spain, is an important commercial center, producing beer, rum, plastics, lumber, and textiles. Chief exports of Trinidad and Tobago include oil, sugar, citrus fruit, asphalt, and coffee. Trinidad and Tobago have approximately 1.

List of birds of Trinidad and Tobago

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Check the government website to verify current costs and procedures. Download the form free of charge from the website of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago or from the Ministry of Legal Affairs. Propose a minimum of three names for your company. Check the government site for search costs. Collect the stamped form after 4 days. The registration process must be completed within the next 3 months, or the approved name will expire.

File a statutory declaration form Form 31 before the Commissioner of Affidavits. Check the government site for filing costs. Submit in person the duplicate copies of the documents Form 25, Form 1 and Form 31 along with Form 4 Notice of address of registered office , Form 8 Notice of directors and Form 27 Notice of secretary to the Commercial Registry along with the applicable fee to obtain the certificate of incorporation and legally bring the company into legal existence.

This process will take four days. All these forms are available at the Government Printery. This applies to sole traders, partnerships and LLCs.

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List of birds of Trinidad and Tobago From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search A total of species of birds have been confirmed on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. There are few places in the world where so many bird species can be seen in such a small area, many of them unique, very rare, or of particular interest. They range from the many species of hummingbird to the cave-dwelling oilbird which uses echo-location to fly in the dark and the spectacular scarlet ibis.

The islands are within a few miles of Venezuela , and the species are therefore typical of tropical South America. However, the number of species is relatively low compared to the mainland, as would be expected on small islands. The resident breeding birds are augmented in the northern winter by migrants from North America , although the variety of migrant passerines is very limited compared to Central America. Many are also present on other, small, islands which are usually not named in the list.

Tobago has only about half the number of bird species of Trinidad , but 27 species and one subspecies have occurred only on the smaller island. Some of the smaller islands off Tobago, such as Little Tobago , have important seabird breeding colonies.

At a glance: Trinidad and Tobago

Eid ul Fitr is a celebration of the completion of the Muslim month of Ramadan and takes place on the first day of the following month of Shawwal. But, in recent years, many of African descent on the islands have converted to Islam and also join in the Eid ul Fitr observances. In some cases, even non-Muslims may participate to a degree. Muslims celebrate Eid ul Fitr for several reasons.

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Trinidad & Tobago?

Print this map Trinidad and Tobago, the earliest-settled part of the Caribbean, was originally inhabited by Amerindians of South American origin. In , Christopher Columbus discovered the islands. In , Antonio de Sedeno, a Spanish soldier intent on conquering the island of Trinidad, landed on its southwest coast with a small army of men.

Welcome to Tropical Power Limited. Tropical Power Limited (TPL) has been in existence for 20 years, and is the Premier Power Systems and Service Company in Barbados (new), Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean region.

Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. The annual Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago brings revelers from all over the world. This year’s event will be held Monday and Tuesday. This year’s Carnival will be held Monday and Tuesday. The US Embassy in Port of Spain, capital of the two-island Caribbean nation, issued a security alert Thursday night, saying a plot had been thwarted but advising US government personnel “to exercise additional caution and increased situational awareness if they participate in Carnival events.

Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in crowded spaces and places visited by foreigners,” the advisory said, adding authorities in that country have made arrests. Individuals who have left Trinidad and Tobago have been involved in terrorist acts and committed killings in Syria, Adm. In a news conference Thursday, a Trinidad and Tobago police official, Michael Jackman, said the disruptions were in the form of “criminal activities.

Police uncovered a threat to disrupt the Carnival activities and detained “several persons of interest,” Jackman said in video provided by CNN affiliate CNC3 Television. The nation’s police and defense forces are working together to ensure a safe and secure environment for the Carnival, he said.

Trinidad and Tobago Escorts

The energy sector usually accounts for almost half of GDP and 80 percent of export earnings, but these figures have fallen dramatically since , the result of an ongoing decrease in energy production and a continuing decline in energy prices. TT entered a recession in , and economic growth will likely be depressed through at least the first three quarters of , at which point some energy projects currently underway may provide a return to growth. Major issues affecting companies are an ongoing foreign exchange shortage, inefficient government bureaucracy, crime, poor work ethic in the labor force, and corruption.

TT has an undiversified economy and lacks economies of scale, so it depends on imports.

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Natural history of Trinidad and Tobago The island of Trinidad has a rich biodiversity. There are about species of mammals including the Guyanan red howler monkey, the collared peccary , the red brocket deer , the ocelot and about 70 species of bats. Reptiles are well represented, with about 92 recorded species including the largest species of snake in the world, the green anaconda , the spectacled caiman , and one of the largest lizards in the Americas, the green iguana.

The largest of turtles the leatherback turtle nests on Trinidad’s eastern and northern beaches. There are 37 recorded frog species, including the tiny El Tucuche golden tree frog , and the more widespread huge cane toad. About 43 species of freshwater fishes are known from Trinidad, including the well known guppy. It is estimated that there are at least 80, arthropods, and at least species of butterflies.

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