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The bay itself was named by the explorer Amerigo Vespucci during his second voyage , when he found it on All Saints’ Day 1 November , Over time, the bay became distinguished as the Bay of All Saints, the state as Bahia “Bay” , and its capital first as Bahia and then finally as Salvador. Under the Brazilian Empire , it was bound on the north by the Rio Real and by the Jequitinhonha on the south, [3] but Bahia now comprises an irregular shape bound by other states of Brazil , some of which were formed from it. In the northwest, it is bordered by Tocantins. Formerly plied by paddlewheel steamers , the river is only navigable to small modern craft but is still vital to the arid west since it continuously supplies water during seasons when many other smaller rivers dry out. The Sobradinho Dam created one of the largest reservoirs in the world; other major hydroelectric projects along its length include the Paulo Afonso Hydroelectric Complex and the Itaparica or Luiz Gonzaga Dam.

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See all updates Until recently, politics was a turn-off for his generation. The average age of lower-house deputies elected in was 50, 19 years above the national mean. Confidence in congress has been sagging for ages. On December 6th he told his congressional colleagues he would not seek re-election in Independent candidates are banned and parties are unwelcoming to newcomers. In some states seats stay in the hands of well-known families.

Dislodging them may get harder.

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Education and Schools in Brazil Download the Expat Arrivals Brazil Guide PDF Despite the country’s positive economic development in recent years, the Brazilian public education system remains largely underfunded and plagued by social and structural problems. This, accompanied by the fact that classes at public schools are taught in Portuguese, means that most expats choose to send their children to private or international schools in Brazil, of which there are many to choose from.

Public schools in Brazil The standard of education at Brazilian public schools remains low and there are often reports of overcrowding and a lack of materials for teaching staff.

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Great for singles, but not for families Unique is the perfect word for the unusual architecture: In its entirety, the hotel is a fascinating work of modern art. The service is outstanding. I made much use of the concierges, Marina and Samuel, both of whom were great help in guiding me to the city must-see places and arranging reservations and transportation. Everyone was exceptionally friendly and helpful, from the waiter to the airport driver to the greeter at the entrance.

The food at the top floor restaurant was excellent. The hotel is within walking distance of the city’s largest park with several worthwhile museums. That’s the good news. The neighborhood, mostly occupied by medical clinics, is of no interest. There are no shops or restaurants. This hotel is one of the three most up-scale expensive in the city.

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But a new service could enable wealthy travellers to take to the skies in minicab-style helicopters, which can be hailed using a smartphone. A businessman flies over Sao Paulo, a city plagued by traffic jams Credit: The user then chooses a boarding time, on the proviso that actual take-off will be within half an hour of the chosen slot. The app then generates boarding instructions and a price.

Given the location of some helipads, the instructions could be quite specific.

My appearance is: Hispanic – Centr & South America, my skin color is olive, moderate brown. My body type is athletic, my height is cm and my weight is between 60 and 64 kg. My hair is short and black. My eyes are brown.

Getty Jenson Button was ambushed by gunmen when he left the same track back in Hamilton tweeted on Saturday morning: Gun shots fired, gun held at ones head. This is so upsetting to hear. Please say a prayer for my guys who are here as professionals today even if shaken. Staff from the British-based Williams’ team had a narrow escape after a van was held up in front of their minibus as they left the circuit. The team confirmed it had witnessed a van being targeted at gun point ahead of them, but they were able to get away.

Meanwhile personnel from the FIA, the sport’s governing body, were also caught up in a separate incident, but escaped unharmed. F1 and the teams need to do more, there’s no excuse! The member of the Mercedes team and driver were unhurt in the ordeal.

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It applies to royalty payments, technology transfers, compensation of technology supply and technical assistance. Railway as public transportation Metropolitan areas in Brazil are mostly disorganized and inhabited by people who leave early morning to work and study in the city and come back at night, only to sleep. Dorm cities depend greatly on the main city for almost everything, from work to doctor appointments. The main problem for the railway system in Brazil is the fact that it was primarily built to export commodities and not to promote integration between the isolated areas and the main centers.

The direct result was the bankruptcy and obsolescence of some railroads when some goods ceased from being produced.

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However, heavy industrial effluents and wastewater discharges in the later 20th century caused the rivers to become heavily polluted. A substantial clean-up program for both rivers is underway, financed through a partnership between local government and international development banks such as the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

The original flora consisted mainly of broadleaf evergreens. Non-native species are common, as the mild climate and abundant rainfall permit a multitude of tropical, subtropical and temperate plants to be cultivated, especially the ubiquitous eucalyptus. The record high temperature was The winter is mild and sub-dry, and the summer is moderately warm and rainy. Autumn and spring are transitional seasons.

Frosts occur sporadically in regions further away from the center, in some winters throughout the city. Rainfall is abundant, annually averaging 1, millimetres On the other hand, relatively cool days during summer are fairly common when persistent winds blow from the ocean. In winter, however, the strong inflow of cold fronts accompanied by excessive cloudiness and polar air cause very low temperatures, even in the afternoon. Locals say that all four seasons can be experienced in one day.

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December 12th, in Brazil Brazilian Girls Latin America Nightlife Sao Paulo While Rio is the first city that usually comes to mind when considering good cities to meet women for sex in Brazil, Sao Paulo is actually quite a good place for doing just that. With its rapidly-expanding club and sex scene, Sao Paulo has turned into a popular destination for mongering, with plenty of options that cater to a variety of interests and encounters. In fact, Brazil in general grows more liberal by the hour, with sex workers being stars of local television shows, and mainstream brothels popping up all over the place.

Sao Paulo is quickly becoming one of the more safer options in Brazil as well. The Brazil Business recently ranked Sao Paulo as the second safest capital city in Brazil in terms of homicide rate — a strong indication of an overall crime rate.

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