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The mortgage security in question, packed with derivatives of sumprime residential loans, plummeted into defaults within the first year of its issuance while funds like N. R Group kept reaping million dollar fees to manage it. Instead he allegedly handed off that responsibility to a large Merrill client and hedge fund called Magnetar; who was building short positions betting against the success of the CDO. But still we have to wonder if they can really build a case this late in the game. ProPublica ended up writing a series of stories on the Magnetar-Merrill self destructing CDO saga last year and even won a Pulitzer for their coverage I personally think this award should have been split with the WSJ who was first to break and highlight the problems. With multiple documented, on the record, reports on the methods and alleged but blatant illegal actions of Ribotsky dating as far back as late we have to shake our heads and wonder why the SEC cares now. Does it really take the pressure of the press, and a journalism award, to finally get the SEC to do their job and go after the players who cheat investors and give Wall Street capitalism a dirty image?

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Geographical distribution[ edit ] Dari, which is sometimes called Farsi Persian , is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan the other being Pashto. In practice though, it serves as the de facto lingua franca among the various ethno-linguistic groups. Dari is spoken natively by about twenty-five percent to about eighty percent population of Afghanistan as a primary language. Moreover, many Pashtuns living in Tajik and Hazara concentrated areas also use Dari as a first language.

The World Factbook states that eighty percent of the Afghan population speaks the Dari language. Dari-speaking communities also exist in southwestern and eastern Pashtun-dominated areas such as in the cities of Ghazni , Farah , Zaranj , Lashkar Gah , Kandahar , and Gardez. Cultural influence[ edit ] Dari has contributed to the majority of Persian borrowings in other Asian languages, such as Urdu , Hindi , Punjabi , Bengali , etc.

Persian lexemes and certain morphological elements e. The Dari language has a rich and colorful tradition of proverbs that deeply reflect Afghan culture and relationships, as demonstrated by U. There are no significant differences in the written forms, other than regional idiomatic phrases. Phonology[ edit ] The principal differences between standard Iranian Persian, based on the dialect of the capital Tehran, and Afghan Persian, as based on the Kabul dialect, are: The treatment of the diphthongs of early Classical Persian “aw” as “ow” in Engl.

Dari, on the other hand, is more archaic, e.

Share plunge means John McGrath’s real estate IPO looks more like a toxic CDO

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What if I can’t find the data I want? Available data and information Climate Data Online CDO provides access to a range of statistics, recent weather observations and climate data from the Australian Data Archive for Meteorology ADAM pdf, kB , a database which holds weather observations dating back to the mid s for some sites. We are progressively increasing the range of data available from CDO, in a variety of data formats including tables, data files csv , PDF, graphs and maps. In addition, CDO provides the capability to compare and review the data.

Using Climate Data Online to get data Data are collected by a range of different types of weather stations. Some stations, for example, only collect rainfall data, while others may change what they measure over their years of operation. Selecting the type of data you want; Finding weather stations that collect that type of data, near the locality you are interested in. Choosing the Map or Text tool?

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The local operating company did not provide this service. These services forwarded out-of-hours calls to a private answering company. This switchboard had the same modular construction first used with the and switchboards introduced in This modular design made these switchboards easy to service and maintain. This device would accommodate transferred lines over six facilities. Telephone sets and apparatus were developed that allowed multiple lines to be answered on a single telephone set. For larger dial PBX systems, customers were still using either series or series step-by-step PBXs, based on s technology.

Although there had been incremental improvements to these step-by-step PBXs, their basic designs were obsolete by the early s. Compared to crossbar, step-by-step PBXs were very slow. They also required frequent maintenance and were difficult to install and reconfigure. The PBX was introduced in Two versions were available, one to serve 40 lines, another to serve 60 lines.


Canada[ edit ] Cohabitation is very common in Quebec. Since , the majority of births in this province are outside of marriage. Since the mid s, births to cohabiting parents have increased, particularly in Quebec.

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Average Monthly Rainfall — Signs of ancient habitation were discovered in by field researchers of the National Museum. The researchers were exploring Huluga, a place eight kilometers south of the present Cagayan de Oro City. Huluga is a promontory A promontory is “a high ridge of land or rock putting out into a body of water; a headland” — The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition. The Open Site appears to be the village of the original people of Cagayan de Oro.

Inside the cave were skeletons, pots, potsherds, tools, possibly Indian glass beads, Chinese pot fragments, and vestiges of possibly Annamese and Thai wares — indications of overseas trading. The Open Site yielded potsherds, Chinese celadon sherds, and obsidian flakes. Researchers sent a skull fragment to Dr. Jeffrey Bada of the external site Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California, where it was subjected to acid racemization, a dating technique.

Bada then wrote a letter to anthropologist Dr. Here they met a mixed stock of Bukidnons and Visayas who lived in a settlement perched on a cliff, overlooking a river. The men had massive tattoos, like those of the Visayan pintados, and the women wore intricate jewelry, some made of gold. According to their journals, the natives were polytheistic animists, not Muslims.

But they paid tributes to Sultan Kudarat through his emissaries.

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Researchers have invested a great deal of effort in exploring these issues so that we may begin to understand or explain why some individuals engage in sexually abusive behaviors, and so that we are better able to make decisions about the kinds of interventions that may be most effective for certain aspects of this population. This has proven to be much easier said than done, however. Or that the typical rapist is a masked knife—wielding man lurking in a dark alley or hiding behind a bush waiting to jump out and grab an unsuspecting woman who is passing by.

And for a variety of reasons, even some criminal justice professionals may seek to identify such a profile for sex offenders. For example, law enforcement agents may have the expectation that if there is a profile of the typical sex offender, it might be easier to identify suspects when incidents of sexual assault are reported and the perpetrators have not yet been caught.

Still others, such as some treatment providers or some supervision officers, may hold onto the belief that there is a profile of a sex offender, because it will make it simpler to treat and supervise them.

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Discuss 0 The First Week In a tradition dating back to biblical times, the celebratory joy of the wedding lasts for an entire week. Holiday finery is worn throughout, neither of them goes to work, and during this week the newlyweds are treated like a royal couple. This custom originates with the week of festivities which followed the marriage between Jacob and Leah. This week is also called the “Sheva Brachot week.

The first Sheva Brachot follows the wedding meal. The first week of marriage is celebrated by the newlywed couple in holiday fashionAs mentioned above, the bride and groom receive royal treatment the entire week. Accordingly, the newlywed couple, whether together or individually, doesn’t leave their home unaccompanied; they are accompanied by an “honor-guard” wherever they go. It is customary for the groom to be called up to the Torah for an aliyah on the Shabbat after the wedding.

When the groom goes to the synagogue to pray, the entire congregation omits the Tachanun confessional sections of the prayers which are omitted on festive days of the Jewish calendar in honor of the festive atmosphere generated by the guest. Under some circumstances the bride and groom may be exempt from fasting on certain Jewish fast days if they occur during the first week of marriage. A rabbi should be consulted for an actual halachic ruling.

Sheva Brachot The Sheva Brachot gatherings are not mandatory — and it certainly isn’t required to have one every day of the week.

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