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Wednesday, August 15, Are you the owner of the entire business which has local offices including Columbia, Maryland? If you are really the owner, it seems like you are recounting the possibilities which are presented to the customers, when they come in to the business. I do understand things do not always turn our perfect, but it’s important to follow the rules, which in my case weren’t followed. I am not here to slam the company, or the owner, because something like this is really needed, and those looking for quality people would probably spend any amount of money to actually get it. I was a victim of domestic violence, and it was very important for me to have a background check on the individuals I dated. I had attempted Internet dating, since shortly after my divorce, I moved out of state with my kids to be with my father after my Mom passed away. It was really hard to meet people in a place where I had not lived. I found Internet dating was comprised of a bunch of false faces, who as this customer pointed out, wanted sex, not that “one” for life.

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I had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of interesting people. It wasn’t until my own clients began complaining that I slowly began to see that each client had the same complaint. Many told me they were not being given any matches to meet since their initial match. Some said they were running out of time for when their contracts would expire, yet they hadn’t received even half of the matches promised them. Some were angry that the company could find them their first match very quickly, yet couldn’t seem to locate anyone for a second or third match, with months dragging by without being matched up with anyone.

I was frequently told by management that the match needed to be done within 3 days in order to lock the client into the contract so they couldn’t legally back out.

See more than 33 elove complaints, elove reviews, elove scams, elove lawsuits and elove frauds reported. Click here and find all elove Ripoff Reports.

The e-love representative was adamant that I could be as selective as I wanted in accepting matches, even down to the height, eye color and income of an individual match, if I so desire. In all honesty, that is why I thought I was paying so much money vs. My requirements weren’t unreasonable. I’m a 5’10” white female in my late 40s. I have a doctorate degree and earn a fairly good income. I wanted to meet someone close to my age who had at least a bachelors degree, earned a decent income close to my own, was tall enough not to be intimidated by my height, Caucasian, male, non-smoker and of the Christian faith.

I was forced to lower my original specifications during each and every phone call due to their inability to find matches. I was often bullied by e-love staff when I refused potential matches. E-love staff constantly misrepresented facts regarding potential matches by misstating their educational levels, religions, times they were married, whether they smoked, etc. When I met a match, they were often much older than I was led to believe, not of the Christian faith, or had none of the minimal educational requirements I had requested.

E-love would make up rules as we went along regarding my obligations to contact their office after a match. If I failed to contact them after a potential match was made, my file was placed on hold and I was never called again. I asked them where these rules were written and they could not produce any contracts or paper work to indicate notification of these guidelines.


Still, you are able to send a limited number of emails in a free account, making it one of the better free Arab dating website we have reviewed. By signing up, you will have access to its many features, such as the giving of Flowers for the chivalrous, Winks for the flirtatious, and Kisses for the ambitious. This range of features should make you feel that you’re getting the most out of your time spent online, though there are more exciting options around.

To step up the exchange with another member you have shared a Wink or Kiss with, you can either email or engage them in Instance Messenger. Working the same way as Instant Messenger, you simply click on the speech bubble icon found on every member’s profile page, which sends them a notice that they can accept or deny.

I visited an “affiliate” of eLove years ago in Richmond, VA and was promised that they could find the love of my life. I was told that he had /5().

Best international matchmaking services tips and reviews How Matchmaking Services Work and How to Find a Good One Do you know that the most effective way to find your ideal partner is using a matchmaking service? According to a recent survey in the United States and Europe, partners who found each other via matchmaking services are 5 times less likely to break up, compared to partners who found each other in other ways. The finding of this research shows that outstanding matchmaking services and experienced matchmakers know which qualities between two people are compatible, thereby offering excellent and effective services.

A matchmaking service combines the unexpected advantages of traditional arranged marriages and modern romantic love beautifully. In this day and age, arranged marriages are still very common in some countries such as India, Pakistan and even Japan. No wonder the divorce rate is so low. Nowadays the best matchmaking services are online, which is not surprising at all. As a result, we have listed a range of very good matchmaking services on our website, and you can read our reviews carefully before making a decision.

Every review is written by dating experts who are very familiar with how each matchmaking service works, so you know you are in good hands. We strongly encourage you to compare these matchmaking services and see which one works for you. Then you can take action because you are well informed.

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A class A office building and their offices were located next door to the NBA. I responded to their ad in the local Yellow Pages. They set me up for an appointment and it was high pressure sales tactics all the way. They even locked up my winter coat. I agreed to join up and at the time it was money I had no business spending due to my salary being just a little bit above entry level. Just as everyone else has wrote about on the complaint boards it was the complete opposite.

Aug 06,  · eLove recognizes and understands that there are unique advantages to both online dating and traditional matchmaking. Offering both levels of service provides members with as much choice and flexibility as possible to meet the demands of their lifestyles and achieve their objective.1/5.

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The complaint is against an online dating profile The complaint is a listing fraud posted on public forums or sites against an anonymous entity The complaint is mobile text spam or smishing related against an anonymous entity The company or person contact no longer exists International boundaries The representative at elove blatantly lied during the interview and misrepresented elove’s services. I was skeptical about joining and was very clear what I was looking for.

The representative said there were plenty of singles and she could think of ten that were looking for someone just like me. I told her I was burned by an organization who promised the same things over 10 years ago called ‘The Right One’. They arranged one date and I never heard from them again despite leaving messages. The representative told me that the right one had changed their name to elove.

Elove Matchmaking Complaints – If you are single, then this dating site is just for you because most of our users are single and looking for relationship. If you do not want to search, then you can try , which is a free Christian dating sites that thousands of Christian singles have joined.

When east-of-the-river Scarlet, 70, contacted The Bottom Line last fall, she had not received a referral in almost a year despite having been promised one every six weeks when she signed up. She wanted a refund. Once those three days passed, Scarlet was bound to an almost-impenetrable contract. The clause that deflated her hopes for a refund: She met a few of them, even seeing two men more than once. She also declined to meet one of the referrals, she says, “because I didn’t care for the way he sounded over the phone.

Scarlet joined eLove after responding to an online ad, even though she knew nothing about the company. Had I done research ahead of time, I would have seen several negative remarks about them on the Internet. Before buying an appliance, I always research it. Unfortunately, the interviewer was very persuasive and I wasn’t using my normal common sense.

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A matchmaking service is not the same as an online dating service. According to the website, matchmaking is a traditional way of bringing partners together that has been around for a very long time, and has only been improved through technology. They promise their staff is trained n a variety of relationship issues, and their company spends a lot of time and money to keep their membership fresh, new, and diverse.

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Leave Remark For Negative Positive Unknown If you know who owns , please do not hesitate to upload it as well. They are relentless, have called before 8 a. They called this morning and the lady would NOT take no for an answer, even though I repeatedly told her so. She just keeps talking. I read the “telemarketer refusal” statement and even that did not phase her. These people are desperate.

Elove Matchmaking Complaints. Most, however, still have free zones for singles looking for a date or a long-term commitment. Online dating is like a commercial enterprise; you need to properly market your services to your potential customers and clients in a larger area if you want to be productive same goes with online dating.

I picked up and no answer from the other side of the.. Going straight to my blacklist 45 Report Long ago Unknown just got a call Same results as above. Do not answer calls from this number. Read the blogs after searching number and suspected scam as have received similar calls from other numbers. This is a scam to get your personal info such as SS ‘s to steal your identity. I am calling Clark Howard.

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Best Dating Sites in UK Best free british dating sites – With judgemental tick-boxes dating would have dating out sites very person they are free love with now. But the moment they spoke in real life, they were hooked. Quick sites join, lots of interactions, constant flow of fresh members. Which sounds like a hella challenge…. So large it can be time-consuming to keep on top free communications and filter through the members, though Match.

Below, we have left our original eLove Matchmaking review for your continued reading. The review received its last major update on March 8, eLove takes the difficult part of online dating out of the equation and helps you find your perfect match.

An Edina love doctor puts couples together the old-fashioned way. Sabrina Lorbiecki, head matchmaker at eLove in Edina. The offices of eLove Matchmaking are tucked away on the fourth floor of an ordinary office building in Edina. Walls are gray; neighbors are corporate; human elements are scant. This scrapbook has blue and green pages, some adorned with red paper hearts. Photos of couples on their wedding day have zigzag edges and are pasted on the pages at angles.

With first-hand messages, couples share their love stories, and how their happiness was made possible with the help of eLove matchmakers. Sabrina Lorbiecki, head matchmaker at eLove, dutifully shares pertinent details about the three personality tests and more than criteria included in their matchmaking process, but she speaks passionately about the happy couples she puts together with a personal touch.

She interviewed and knew it was something she wanted to do. ELove, formerly known as Together Dating before the companies merged this spring, is an eight-employee franchise that meets with clients face to face. Matchmakers screen clients to understand their preferences and intentions—everything from their religious views to whether they go out to the bar for drinks or if they want children.


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eLove Matchmaking has received 1 out of 5 stars based on 3 Customer Reviews and a BBB Rating of F. Comprised of 67% BBB Rating and 33% Customer Review Rating. The BBB Customer Review Rating 1/5(3).

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