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Expert Vagabond — Matthew Karsten is an adventure travel addict, photographer and great storyteller. His curiosity of the world took him to many places around the globe. For the last 4 years he shares his entertaining stories, beautiful images, and useful travel tips with us. His recipe for happiness is simple — Live the life you want, not the way other expect. True Nomads — Justin Carmack travels and dives for a living. Permanent nomad, he believes that travel should be a lifestyle, not a vacation. For over 8 years he is trotting the world sharing quirky travel stories and photos along the way. He spent a lot of time as an English teacher in Asia. Wandering Earl — Long term traveler Derek Earl Baron shares his best secrets for travelling the world on a budget for years. Human interactions and first-hand education that travel provides is what he searches for.

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May 15, 1. We are romantically independent. Deep inside we are very romantic. But it does not end there.

Some online dating sites are two decades old, but new, cutting-edge apps have changed online dating for expats and locals alike dramatically. What counts now more than ever is the need to make a good first impression, especially if you’re a single expat and new to the scene.

You just have to be able to take what people say with a grain of salt and remember that a successful discourse involves getting your point across without making an enemy. Refusing to properly learn the language I want to point out that learning Italian is not going to solve all of your problems but it would be nice to understand what your problems actually are — linguistically speaking.

But my question is, why would you want to? Not always but it is a forever process for some. Isolating themselves I know how easy it is to connect to the internet, stream your favorite shows, and skype with your family rather than leaving your house. But it can be a downward spiral if you get into the habit of isolating yourself from people and not trying to make friends. Looking for a new store opening, local book-club, knit-caffe, language exchange groups, is just a few ways to meet people. Say yes to every invitation, at least in the beginning and put yourself out there, it will be very worth it in the end.

If only that was the case, instead you can expect some cultural misunderstandings and can often resent your Italian partner because of an overwhelming feeling of dependence; when most likely you have been a very independent person in your home country. The answer is to make your own activities like find a yoga class, running errands on your own, get a hobby.

How To Find a Job in the United States as a Foreigner

Just Landed has a good guide to finding a job in the US. Seven tips for job hunting in the United States. Top 10 social sites for finding a job.

The expat dating scene in Kampala was small and thus laughable incestuous; everyone had dated everyone. At one point, my friend Kara was living with her boyfriend, whose female roommate was dating her ex-boyfriend. As you can imagine, this made for lots of awkward run-ins around the house. In Kampala, this kind of thing happened all the time. If you’re dating a local, things are often even more .

She moved to Scotland two years ago, due to a thing called love, and started Cheers Blondie to share her adventures and unique outlook on living and working abroad. The couple, along with their dog Stella, made the jump over the pond, saying farewell to hot She swapped the sunny beaches of Queensland for the cobbled streets of historic Edinburgh.

Edinburgh felt like home the moment she stepped foot in the She has a background in archaeology, working in Israel and around the U. She lives abroad with her husband, Taido and their four kids. Her travel musings, stories about expat life in Scotland and yummy recipes can be found several times a week at Alison’s expat blog called Chino

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Potential Jobs for Foreigners in Thailand 1. Teach in Thailand Let’s start with the obvious. There’s always teaching opportunities available in Thailand. You won’t make a fortune, but when starting out you will make enough to get by.

This is commonly known as the expat bubble, and can be found across the globe, from the Costa del Sol to the Gold Coast; nowhere more distinct, perhaps, than in Dubai, where a staggering 92 per.

Loosely translated into English, this is most of what she says: Our container is here. My life is now in a foreign land. Some may not understand. Nor did my children. I must come live in a foreign land. I never did anything bad to a black person. They did nothing to me and my children. I live for the future. What did I do to you? We walk in the evening till 10 pm.

10 mistakes that Expats in Italy make

He never experienced “shock” as such. However, little things, experienced over months and months, seeped in and made him realized the cultural differences. An expat in Peniche, Portugal talks about moving to Peniche and the culture shock he experienced. However, little things, experienced over months and months, see An Expat Discusses Living in Lisbon, Portugal An expat living in Lisbon offers advice to others moving to Portugal about learning Portuguese, meeting people and enjoying expat life in Lisbon.

An expat living in Lisbon offers advice to others moving to Portugal about learning Portuguese, meeting people and enjoying expat life in Lisbon

News > World > Europe Beware of immigration, say the British expats enjoying sunny Spain. Alistair Dawber meets the Brits abroad who could decide the vote.

Portuguese dating and clubbing culture If you read the other threads you will notice that we Portuguese say that Portuguese girls are a bitchy, with Advanced-Bitch-Shielding Technique. The thing is, when first approached don’t think girls in Portugal will be impolite towards you or just plainly rude. But the odds of finding a girl that will give you the cold shoulder and give an arrogant attitude is very high. It all comes down to attitudes shaped by culture, and the Portuguese culture is still somewhat influenced by a sense of conservative values.

Not necessarily by catholic values in the sense that they follow church rules by the book, but their values is still shaped very much by their mothers and grandmothers, who in large part still obey these traditional values, including girls should not be very active in the dating scene. So they’ll give you the cold shoulder because in their minds that’s the right thing to do or other people might start to talk about you.

I know, still a very backwards way of thinking when it comes to relationships. If your planning to date portuguese girls be prepared to drink a LOT of coffees and hang out in a LOT of lounge bars before you can “get it on” with a girl. You can try and look like a whiny metrossexual aka a caricature of Cristiano Ronaldo, that seems to help with some girls, but if your blonde like me, then dude, your scounting for girls in the wroooong country.

Having said that, I still have to compare my personal experience since I have already lived in Northern Ireland and the differences couldn’t be bigger. In bars and discos, or just in the street, girls in northern countries are much nicer and friendlier than in Portugal. A lot of smiles and nodding telling guys that they’re interested. You have a sense that girls in non-catholic countries are a wee bit more open to talk with you, whether or not you’re a douchebag.

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Eat a Francesinha The city lies astride the Douro river downstream of the wine estates that gave the city its name. Old arcades are dotted along the Ribeira promenade, and behind them are the dilapidated, multi-colored facades of houses dating from the middle ages. A cornucopia of restaurants and cafes along the quay make this a popular spot for socializing. I personally loved the Ribeira more than any other place in Portugal.

Dating in Spain for british ex-pats and English speakers. Meet singles in Spain, find love, romance and friendship at IWant2MeetYou, the leading dating site for expats in Spain.

Nigel Jackson, 59, was arrested at his country home in Alvor, near Portimao in the Algarve, in January, after the body of his wife Brenda Davidson, 72, was found in a shallow grave outside. At the time Jackson claimed Mrs Davidson committed suicide after being diagnosed with ovarian and thyroid cancer. But after being shown evidence she was killed, he had now changed his story. However, he sticks to the rest of his original story, saying he buried her in his garden with their beloved pets, which they called ‘babies’, because he thought it’s what she would have wanted.

Jackson is accused of murdering his wife at his home in Alvor, in the Algarve pictured. At the time he denied causing her death, saying she had killed herself, but now says she died during a burglary He also admits to moving his mistress of three years into the house as Mrs Davidson’s body lay in the garden, but said the affair was no secret. He maintains that after her cancer diagnosis his wife had acknowledged that he still had needs to fulfill, and had given her blessing, provided he didn’t ‘bring it home’.

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Europeans criticize Americans for working too much Where do the different work attitudes in different countries come from? The Asians, on the other hand, make Americans look extremely lazy! In French-speaking North Africa, we have a curious mixture of pro- and anti-business sentiments. Business and money are extremely respected, yet nothing works well. Businesses are extremely inefficient, and services are terrible including government services.

Expatica, Haarlem, Netherlands. 26K likes. Expatica is the international community’s online home away from home. A must-read for English-speaking.

Not to disillusion you too soon but there are many expats who could disagree. Too, too many things! Six Points of ID: All you need is one more, and there are a number of alternatives that you can use. Then you need at least one residency proof. Just sit down and go through it slowly. Be organized before you go and check everything off. Check this list when you are planning on the application at the start. Always bring one or two extra ID proofs as a backup.

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